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Get the best organically made herbal compounds in Jamaica, made with 100% wild crafted herbs and spices by one of Jamaica's favorite herbalist (Dr. Ben-Yisrael). Some of our products feature formulations that have been in use for decades by native people like the Maroons and have been passed down from generation to generations. Experience the best of authentic traditional herbal medicine that have been proven for decades.

About Us

Marlon Hurlock


Nestled on over 17 acres of lush tropical greenery, overlooking the Caribbean sea, in the beautiful parish of Portland Jamaica, Halleluyahlifestyle Wellness Centre has positioned itself to welcome guest from all over the world who are looking for an all natural, health and nutritional counseling, non-invasive program. Halleluyahlifestyle Wellness Centre is founded and operated by Dr. Ben Yisrael (Marlon Hurlock) and his beautiful wife Lecia (Elishiva) Hurlock.

Dr. Ben-Yisrael and his wife are Hebraic faith based, spirit filled, Torah practicing believers with a passion to share their deep knowledge of the islands herbs and Torah based lifestyle. This they do through their weekly YouTube podcasts (THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE, SIMPLY RAWMAZING AND HERBALLY SPEAKING) Their goal is to empower individuals to care for themselves, their family and friends through diet, herbs and other lifestyle adjustments. 


Lobby Fl. Port Antonio Inn Resort

Fairy Hill, Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica WI


9am- 5pm


9am- 5pm (Call First)


9am-5pm (Call First)